The Impact a High Quality Hardwood Floor Vacuum Had on My Floor

Hardwood Floor

We spent a considerable sum of money changing our carpet floor into a hardwood floor. My partner and I both agreed that it made our house more of a home. The kids also loved sliding on it.

We were happy, until we realized that our vacuum cleaner was leaving marks and scratches on our floor. Our friends were starting to comment on it. Something had to be done. After holding a little family discussion, we decided to purchase the best vacuum for hardwood floors after reading about it on Home Floor Experts, which had to have the following:

- A good shape to reach all the hard to reach areas such as the bottom of cabinets.
- It would have to be light because we give the kids chores sometimes. I didn’t want it to be too heavy that they would struggle to move it around the home.
- We wanted a cordless hardwood vacuum cleaner so that we could easily move it around the house. Plus, it is inconvenient to always change the plug sockets due to the vacuum wire being too short.
- It needed to be gentle on our floor whilst providing excellent suction power.
The bag inside the vacuum cleaner had to be disposable. Our old vacuum cleaner would sometimes leave dust everywhere whilst being emptied.

I searched the internet, read reviews on the best hardwood floor vacuums, contacted some shops and had a few chats with friends who also had hardwood floors. I narrowed it down to two hardwood vacuum cleaners. The similarities with both of them were that they were both affordable and fit our needs. The kids also thought they were “pretty”. The two hardwood vacuum cleaners are as follows:


I saw it whilst browsing in a store and it is absolutely stunning to look at. It is incredibly light at 7.5 pounds. What struck me the most about it was the unusual V-shaped head. I was allowed to test it out in the store and it reached the corners easily. Plus, it was powerful yet very quiet. It was listed at $50/£32 which is an absolute bargain.

Eureka Mighty Mite

This hardwood floor vacuum cleaner has a bright yellow color. The Eureka Mighty Mite uses a canister. This allows it to connect to a variety of cleaning attachments. It came with a well-built hardwood floor attachment as well as attachments for the car, curtains and carpeted floor. This is handy as we don’t have to buy a variety of vacuum cleaners. Absolutely marvelous. The price was an absolute steal at $58/£37.

In the end, we decided to buy the Eureka Mighty Mite due to its versatility and the fact that we can store it easily in our home. We have been using it for a while now, and can report that it is an absolute joy to use.

It cleans our hardwood floor so well that it shines when the sun is out. Plus, we love how quiet it is and the kids really love using it to help us around the home.